About Brad Brandon

Brad Brandon - Host of Word of Truth RadioA highly respected community leader and unwavering patriot, Brad is a pastor and recognized teacher of God’s Word. His powerful yet practical teaching has made him an invited guest to many churches and speaking events. He is a conservative Christian who stands for Judeo-Christian morals and values. His uncompromising stand has made him a very controversial figure not only among Christians, but in political circles as well. Brad has a “no holds barred” attitude and always calls it as he sees it.

Brad has been an invited speaker at bible colleges, rally’s and churches across the country. He has a powerful ability to simplify complicated issues, and then draw a clear line of distinction between right and wrong, leaving you to make the choice. Brad is the featured speaker of “The Berean Bible Hour” which has had over 400 broadcasts in theMinneapolis/St. Paul area. He is also the Host of “Word of Truth Radio Program”, heard by tens of thousands of people every week.

He worked as a manager for former U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz. When Brad chose to leave this position, Mr. Boschwitz wrote “Brad has the finest moral values. He was a good and inspiring leader. We are sorry to lose him to his ministry calling…we recommend him highly and without reservation”. Brad has worked as a business consultant for several Minnesota based companies, before devoting himself fully to his ministry organizations.

A loyal patriot and follower of Jesus Christ, Brad has devoted his life to stand for the truth, in a world when the truth is not a popular thing.

Brad is willing and available to speak at events across the country. Contact Brad at Word of Truth Radio to make arrangements to have him speak for your event.

Photos of Brad Brandon with Notable Public Figures

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“Brad Brandon’s Word of Truth program is a vital contribution to sanity and sound moral sense, never afraid to discuss the difficult issues, never running from the truth merely because some may not want to listen, never shrinking from unfashionable opinions when they are right, just, and true. Long may his voice and the Lord’s Word be heard!”
- Lord Christopher Monckton, Scottish Peer

“Brad has the unique ability to clearly articulate the important debates by breaking down how our faith impacts politics, our government, and the law…Brad isn’t afraid of getting past the surface and into the details… talking points don’t cut it on Word of Truth. Brad knows the issues, understands their consequences, and offers the listeners an opportunity to really discuss the issues that impact our country.”
– Jordan Sekulow, Attorney for American Center for Law and Justice

“Brad is a rarity in talk radio nowadays…He understands it’s not ALWAYS about him.”
– Curtis Sliwa, Founder and CEO of the Guardian Angels and Radio Talk Show Host

“Brad Brandon is a voice of reason; his radio program provides informative, interesting and insightful commentary. Brad is never afraid of controversial topics and his insight and opinions are valued in our society.”
– Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

“I really enjoyed…Pastor Brad Brandon…, unlike so many in today’s media culture, he had the courage to discuss the radioactive topic of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, allowing me to lay out the deadly consequences that follow when society pretends abnormal is normal, and wrong is right.”
- David Kupelian, bestselling author of “How Evil Works” and managing editor of WorldNetDaily

“I would like to thank Brad Brandon and the Word of Truth radio…Brad understands the importance of the issues, and was not afraid to hit on the hard questions. His candor and boldness in addressing the issues will enable it to be brought to light, and I appreciate his courtesy and professionalism.
– April Garris, Pink Cross Foundation